Our Research

Valued Customers

In 2009, Security Seed began its dive into supplying local information through on farm research. We began with a single 40 acre track of ground in Christian County, Kentucky and have grown today to 70 acres with multiple satellite research plots throughout our four state geography.

We believe that all research needs to be local. We work to make sure that the unique properties of our soil and climate are tested with the new products and systems we are asked to look at each year.

Our research guide is the culmination of all the hard work carried out by Security Seed’s Research Division. Across four states, two research farms and six satellite locations, we spent our research year conduction over 600 research trials and evaluating 68 different base products. Why? Because it is our mission to provide knowledge, products, systems and recommendations that help the grower to increase profitability.

We look back at each year like most years with awe at how our research operation has grown. Since I joined the company, we have been focused on learning as much as we can about the land our customers farm.

Each year, we have regional field days to educate our employees and customers on the latest technologies available in our market area. At these field days we also show various cropping systems and the integration of different products working together to maximize crop yield.

With that, I want to genuinely welcome you to this information, to the knowledge we’ve spent this year and many others compiling. And, once again, to thank you for considering Security Seed your agronomy specialist and trusted partner.

Thank you,

Patrick Hurt