Sekurelink Adjuvants

Blastoff is a unique methylated seed oil formulated to optimize pesticide performance and mixing characteristics with a wider range of tank mix partners than ordinary methylated seed oils or crop oils.

EX Plus is a liquid activator adjuvant specifically formulated to maximize pesticide performance on a wider range of weed species by eliminating spray particle bounce, thus providing superior adhesion of the spray solution to the leaf surface while providing the required amount of ammonium and sulfate ions.

Frontpage is an activator adjuvant specifically formulated to enhance the performance of strobilurin based fungicides and their tank mixes.

Sekurelock improves deposition of the tank mix without increasing viscosity of the spray solution while conditioning water to minimize spray tank antagonism.  Our surfactant package increases wetting and spreading to maximize coverage and performance.


Sekureshot is a complex network of adjuvant components linked together to create a superior, efficacious, efficient, and easy-to-use adjuvant.  Sekureshot contains surfactant advancements coupled with synergistic alkanoates and polymers to create a green, low use rate biological activator adjuvant that maximizes pesticide activity both physically and biologically.

Spray Dri Xtra is a specifically formulated dry blend of water conditioners, nonionic surfactant and pH acidifying ingredients intended for use with pesticide applications that recommend ammonium sulfate or where pesticide performance is enhanced by use of nonionic surfactant or through moderately acidified water pH.

Spray Dri Xtra contains a dry nonionic surfactant and deposition polymer to enhance spray absorption and reduce spray drift potential as well as an anitifoam agent to minimize foam formation during tank mix agitation.

Spray Dri Xtra is a spray grade granule that readily goes into solution.

Spray Dri Xtra improves pesticide performance by preventing antagonism from hard water minerals, improving spray coverage and by acidifying pH.