Working With Us

Security Seed is constantly looking for the best and brightest candidates that fit all segments in an agriculture retailer environment. Today, we employ over 140 full-time employee owners servicing our customers in over four states.

We are an employee owned company which gives our staff the drive to go the extra mile. Security Seed is constantly for people that have the entrepreneurial spirit and want to be part of growing a business.

Above, a picture of our annual meeting.

Thank you for your interest in Security Seed and Chemical, Inc.

We believe dedication and hard work is an investment in your future.

We hold a yearly employee owner’s meeting to inform on the progress of the company. We discuss successes and opportunities for improvements. We are always looking for employee feedback that will improve our company’s performance and customer satisfaction.

“We ARE Security Seed” – 100% Employee Owned

Sterling Anthony “I Got Your Back Award”

Sterling was one of the original employees that helped start Security Seed and Chemical in 1999. He was also the first employee to retire from the company. Sterling was known for doing more to make sure his fellow employees were successful in everything they did.

Upon his retirement in 2015, Security Seed established the Sterling Anthony Award to go to a deserving employee who was nominated by a fellow team member for going the extra mile to help Security Seed be successful.

We support our growers, our community and our country. Our staff are all local people with local ties. Our kids go to school in your communities, we worship in our local churches and we are part of our communities. We feel responsible to be good community supporters and participants.